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Many drivers looking for a new vehicle that looks sharp and performs well find Hyundai vehicles more than meet their needs. We have a great selection of used and new Hyundai vehicles at our Athens, GA Hyundai dealership. Concerned about financing your new Hyundai? Our finance department can be a huge help in getting you the Hyundai you dream of owning and choosing the options that work best for you and your budget.

Leasing vs. Financing a New Hyundai Vehicle

Unlike in the past when buying a vehicle represented the only option for getting a new vehicle, modern drivers can also choose to lease. When you buy a Hyundai, you pay for it and own it until you decide to sell. When you lease a Hyundai for your Jefferson commutes, you only drive it for a couple of years or however long you choose to have the vehicle.

Our Hyundai dealership near Gainesville, GA offers various leasing and buying options. Depending on your credit score and financial situation, you can almost choose the type of financial deal you want from our dealership. There are pros and cons to leasing and buying, and our team can help you compare all financing options.

Pros of Leasing

  • The down payment is generally lower with a lease. You may even have a $0 down payment.
  • You pay less in sales tax.
  • You won't have the worry of negotiating trade-in value when the lease ends.
  • You can drive a higher value vehicle than you might otherwise be able to afford.
  • You can upgrade to a new vehicle every couple of years.
  • Repair costs are lower because the vehicle is under its original warranty.

Cons of Leasing

  • After making monthly payments, you still will not own the vehicle.
  • You're limited to the number of miles you can put on the vehicle.
  • If you decide to end the lease early, it can be quite costly.
  • The cost of leasing a car may cost more over time than if you'd bought your Hyundai.
  • You may encounter extra fees for excess wear and tear.
  • Lease terminology and contracts can be confusing for new buyers.

Pros of Buying

  • You'll pay less money in the long run than you would with a lease.
  • You can make whatever modifications to the vehicle you want.
  • You're not limited on mileage.
  • You can choose to sell or trade-in the vehicle at any time.

Cons of Buying

  • The down payment is typically higher than on a lease.
  • Monthly loan payments are usually higher.
  • You have to pay for repairs after the warranty is over.
  • You'll lose a lot of value in depreciation.

What Credit Score is Needed for Hyundai Financing?

A big part of getting a good deal on a new car or a loan in Lawrenceville is having good credit. Your credit scores can affect the following things:

  • Your ability to buy or lease a new vehicle
  • The amount you're able to borrow
  • The interest you'll be charged
  • The length of your loan or lease agreement

Your credit score can determine whether you get a great deal. Some of the best Hyundai deals are on new vehicles, and these cars cost the most. Depending on the bank we choose to use, you may need a FICO credit score of at least 700. A credit score of more than 750 may make you eligible for 0 percent financing.

What Bank Does Hyundai Use for Financing?

Once you've decided to lease or buy a new Hyundai, our finance department can step right in and help expedite the process. Hyundai uses more than one bank for financing. They go through Hyundai Motor Finance, Genesis Finance, or Kia Motors Finance. This diversity increases your chances of getting a good deal for your Monroe, GA driving adventures. Our finance department will work with these banks to help you get a good interest rate and attractive loan terms. Visit our Hyundai dealership and let us help get you the Hyundai you want.

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