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Current Lease and Finance Specials In Athens, GA

Here at Sutherlin Hyundai Athens, we understand that sometimes paying in cash can sometimes be an impossible thing to do for many buyers. Fortunately, in all our dealerships, we practice car leasing and financing. We will go into detail explaining the difference between these two options and get to know how they can be helpful to Lawrenceville area customers.

Understanding Financing and Leasing

Financing a car in the Gainesville, GA area means acquiring a car loan that, in turn, you repay over an agreed period. When you take out a loan on a car, you agree to pay back the amount you borrowed with interest and any additional fees. If you, in turn, want to have a car that you don't pay the hefty monthly payments for, you'd instead lease the vehicle.

Leasing allows you to cruise in a new car for fewer monthly payments. Once the lease ends, you won't have the car anymore unless the lease contract gives you the choice of purchasing the car from your dealer.

Many will ask if it is a good idea to finance or lease a car. If you need a set of wheels and do not have the cash in hand to buy a new vehicle, it is often a good idea to either take out a loan for your car or lease. These options could be the perfect way to take advantage of Jefferson area incentives and specials.

Although financing and leasing are pretty similar, buyers are usually advised to consider the differences between them and choose the one that suits them. As previously explained, it is evident that leasing a car could be a much better option to go by.

Differences Between Leasing and Financing

Once your lease is starting to come to an end, you'll get calls from your dealership more than likely because they're following up on if you will come back into the dealership to make a new deal on your vehicle or another vehicle. As stated previously, you can acquire another car or opt to give in your vehicle. 

If you choose to turn in the vehicle, our finance experts will check over the car and make sure there's not any excess damage on it. You fill out your paperwork, you turn the car in, you give your keys in, and you walk away.

Another option you have at the end of your lease is buying that vehicle, basically buying the car out. After driving the car for some years, and you'd like the vehicle, and you feel comfortable in it, you have the option of keeping that vehicle by buying it out. When you get into your lease, initially, you have something called residual value, which is how much your vehicle is expected to be worth at the end of the lease.

Get A Great Finance Deal At Sutherlin Hyundai Athens, Serving Monroe, GA

At Sutherlin Hyundai Athens, we offer leasing and financing for all our used and new vehicles to cater to the needs of every Athens, GA area customer. These vehicles come with a wide range of warranty coverage and special offers. At our dealership, shoppers have access to several specials depending on the model and customer qualifications.

Visit our Gainesville, GA dealership for more information or contact us if you have any inquiries about our finance and leasing terms and conditions.

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